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Outdoor Animal Repellent

Don't you want to enjoy the freedom of your outdoor areas without worrying about animal pests disrupting your lifestyle? And doesn't it drive you crazy that these critters seem to come back every year even after spending time and money on poisons and traps?

It's time to stop relying on temporary band-aids for your situation and get permanent results. The Guardian™ is an ultrasonic device that will safely protect your home, yard, and garden year round from a variety of unwanted animals.


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The Technology Is Ahead of Its Time.

The Guardian™ is a humane and environment friendly device that repels animals indoors or outdoors. The adjustable infrared motion sensor detects invading animals up to 30m and drives them away with sonic and ultrasonic sound. The noise emitted can be heard by animals within 465 sq. metres.

The high pitched frequencies produced by the Guardian™ are like exposing the intruding pests to an extremely loud and annoying alarm. These unwelcome guests will become so annoyed and disoriented from this unpleasant noise; they'll leave and never want to return!

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  • Prevent Rodents from nesting under your deck

  • Chase Bats out of your attic
  • Keep Rats away from pet dishes
  • Repel bats from your property
  • Keep Mice out of wood piles
  • Get Rats out of your basement
  • Chase rodents out of your yard

Want to Target a Particular Animal?

The Guardian™ is equipped with a revolutionary Select A Pest™ Technology. This feature allows you to adjust the sound frequencies released by the Guardian™ to target specific animals.

So, are squirrels getting into your attic? Simply turn the dial to repel squirrels. Are deer making your plants their dinner? Adjust the Guardian™ to get rid of deer.

Different frequency levels are proven to be more affective on certain animals than others. This gives you even more power to target and keep troublesome pests away.

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Year Round Pest Protection

The Guardian has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain. Even after cheaper knock-offs have submitted to the elements due to inferior quality and craftsmanship, your Guardian won't miss a beat.

Repel Animal Pests & Intruders

The Guardian™ can also be used as a personal safety device. Just set the unit to the audible mode and adjust the motion sensor to activate with any movement.

If anyone dares come around, The Guardian™ will blast them with a police-like siren and bright flashing strobe light. This startling experience will make anything with a pulse run for their life!


Powering The Guardian™ Is Easy

The Guardian™ has been designed to operate with batteries or an optional AC adapter. This allows more flexibility to install the device where you want based on your unique situation.



The Guardian™ uses just 1.8 watts of power - that's less than a small LED light bulb! Even though pests may leave their footprint, The Guardian™ won't.

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