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Repel With The Power Of The Sun

Posted By: Corrinne - Resident Pest Control Expert

What do you do when burrowing pests have invaded your property? Before you go to extremes (Think: Carl Spackler from Caddyshack), let me introduce you to a solution that’s a lot safer and much less involved: The Solar Mole & Snake Repeller.

This nifty device is powered by the sun. Yep, that’s right! You’ll never need to replace batteries or find an outdoor outlet… if you’re even lucky enough to have one. Once fully charged, operation of the unit can last up to 7 days without another charge. Isn’t that awesome?

The Solar Mole & Snake Repeller stakes into the ground and sends vibrations through the soil every 30 seconds. There’s an audible beep (not too loud to bother anyone) so you know it’s working. You can easily remove and reinstall this device while doing lawn maintenance, too.

The vibrations emitted by the Solar Mole & Snake Repeller are irritating to a multitude of burrowing animals. Pests such as groundhogs, moles, snakes, and voles are repelled humanely, so your yard will no longer have holes to stumble in and your garden veggies will be safe for you to enjoy!



One, Two, Three. Pest Control Made Easy!

Posted By: Corrinne - Resident Pest Control Expert

Although a well-kept home is the first line of defense against pests, your house doesn’t necessarily have to be dirty for pests to want to move in. Pests are always looking for a comfortable, safe location to call their own and your place is perfect. It’s protected from the elements, your cupboards are full of food, and there aren’t a lot of natural predators.

With that said, protecting your home from these invading critters doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be pretty simple. Ants, cockroaches, mice, and silverfish are just a few pests the easy-to-use Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT will help get rid of.

And Here's How...

One: The Ultimate AT sends vibrations through your wiring making the inside of your walls unsuitable for pests to nest.

Two: The Ultimate AT releases negative ions into the air removing odors that attract pests. This also simulates the atmosphere created from an approaching storm making them want to seek shelter elsewhere.

Three: The Ultimate AT emits ultrasonic frequencies that are annoying to pests but won’t be heard by you and your family. The constant irritating noise will make your home unbearable to live in - forcing them to leave.

Installation of the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT is a piece a cake. Just plug it into an outlet and that’s it...

One, Two, Three. Pest Control Made Easy!



Welcome, Spring!  Deer, Not So Much.

Posted By: Corrinne - Resident Pest Control Expert

Pull weeds ... Check.

Plant flowers ... Check.

Water ... Check.

Enjoy the beauty of your labor ... Check.

... Or maybe not. What is that? Oh, dear.
No, I mean, really, Oh Deer!

Deer love to eat the fresh, green shoots of spring. Your lovely azaleas and hydrangeas are a delicious meal they just can't resist. (I prefer chocolate, but that's just me.)

So, what can you do?

I have a solution for you that's easy, eco-friendly and humane. The Guardian is a fantastic electronic device that will protect your gardens while you're home or away.

The strobe light works to startle deer when they arrive for a free dinner. And sounds emitted by the Guardian will irritate the deer so they won't want to stay and feast on your hard work.

With the Guardian, you make your garden a very unpleasant restaurant for the deer. Would you eat where there is bright, flashing light in your face and irritating sounds filling your ears? No? Well, neither will the deer.

So this spring make sure you're the one enjoying the fruits of your labor and not those pesky deer!



‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends... and Pests?

Posted By: Matt - Resident Pest Control Expert

The holiday season is approaching quickly. As temperatures drop, your home can look like a nice warm place for pests to stay. Especially if you have crumbs sitting around after a tasty meal.

So now is the time to get busy. Some simple maintenance along with our Pest Control Devices will limit the chances of mice, roaches and other unwanted guests crashing your holiday parties.

To get started, check out our new Pest Guide. This provides helpful tips & tricks to stop infestations before they happen. Take a peek and make sure you aren't forgetting anything to protect your home and family.

We'll continue to add to this guide so make sure you check back often. And let me know if you have questions about any pests we haven't covered yet. I'll get back to you with info and recommendations right away.

My email address is below. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!



Meet Our New Blog

Posted By: Matt - Resident Pest Control Expert

Hi there! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. We're super excited to have you here as we introduce the world to the newest way for us to interact with our customers... the Good Life Blog!

We've been having so much fun answering questions, sharing ideas, and talking with our friends on Facebook & Twitter that couldn't resist bringing the conversations directly to our site.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Answers to frequent and not so frequently asked questions
  • Helpful tips when using our products
  • Updates on products currently in development
  • Company and industry news
  • Special Sales & Coupons

Now this is where you come in...

What do you want to see in our blog? Did we miss something? Did we do something totally awesome? Have a question, tip or story you'd like to share? We want to hear from you!

Jump in and help us steer where this goes. Respond to our blog posts that speak to you. You can get started by sending an email to me (matt.s@goodlifellc.com) and we'll get rolling.

I am anxiously awaiting your thoughts, stories, questions & ideas. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back in as often as you'd like.

Talk to you soon!



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