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BUNDLE & SAVE!!  Protect Your Yard From Pests – Above Ground & Below
GuardianPest Repeller
The Garden Pack includes 1 Guardian + 2 Solar Snake Repellers The Guardian™ front view Solar Mole & Snake Repeller The Guardian™ is storm-proof for outdoor use Solar Snake Repeller in the ground

Garden Pack Sale

Includes 1 Guardian & 2 Solar Snake Repellers

  • Protect your lawn & garden day and night
  • Sound frequencies repel a variety of pests
  • Runs day & night
  • Year-round pest protection

Repel possums, raccoons, burrowing rodents & snakes


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Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life(R)

Repel pests from your yard & garden.

Protect your property from pests both above and below ground with the Garden Pack. Use the Guardian™ to repel pests like squirrels and deer while the Solar Snake Repellers drive away snakes and other burrowing pests like moles and gophers. The Garden Pack is low maintenance and completely safe for the environment.

Package includes:

One (1) Guardian
Two (2) Solar Snake Repellers


  • Repels Up To 560 Square Metres
  • Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Select a Pest™ Technology
  • Ultrasonic & Sonic Capabilities
  • Multiple Power Options

Solar Snake Repeller

  • Repels Up To 790 Square Metres
  • Solar Powered - Cost Efficient
  • Easy To Install
  • Safe & Environment Friendly
  • Low Maintenance

Guardian™ Accessories

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt
Perfect for mounting The Guardian in many areas of your property.

9m Extension Cord

9m Extension Cord
Adds a convenient 9m to your AC Adapter. Discreet and weatherproof.

Guardian Remote Control

Keychain Remote Control
Optional remote allows you to activate your Guardian up to 23m away