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Guardian Indoor/Outdoor Pest Repeller
Guardian™ with Strobe Light Guardian™ without Strobe Light Guardian™ side view Guardian™ control panel view
The Guardian™ protects attics & crawl spaces The Guardian™ keeps animals away from your vehicle The Guardian™ is storm-proof for outdoor use The Guardian™ shown with optional Mounting Bracket

The Guardian™

Indoor/Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

  • Protects lawns, gardens & attics
  • Emits frequencies to repel a variety of pests
  • Activates constantly or by motion
  • Can be used even where electrical outlets are not available
  • Year-round pest protection

Repel possums, raccoons, rodents & more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life(R)

Your Property.
Protected by the Guardian™

After an incredible amount of research, staggering amounts of hours, late nights and hard work, we are proud to finally introduce the all-new Guardian!

The best got even more amazing

The world's first and only indoor/outdoor pest repeller isn't just back. It's stronger, smarter, and loaded with new features.

Now your home and property are protected by a booming wall of sound that's over 300% louder than the Guardian Original, an improved thermal motion sensor with pinpoint accuracy, a brand new predator call option, and our superior Select a Pest™ technology.

How does it work?

The Guardian blasts a range of ultrasonic sound, audible sound, and predator calls to scare away a wide variety of pests. Discover why business owners and customers worldwide have trusted the Guardian for over 8 years to get rid of squirrels, bats, deer, raccoons, mice, rats, opossums, skunks, armadillos and more.

Notable Features

More Power. More Control. More Protection.

The new and improved Guardian is 300% louder than our gold standard, the Guardian Original. This gives you the 3X the security and control over your home and property. All while being completely safe, humane, and Eco-friendly.

Become the Hunter

With our innovative predator call feature, drive away deer, elk, raccoons, and more using predatory wildcat growls. Frighten and disorient pests using the calls of their natural predator, causing them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Detect Pests with Pinpoint Accuracy

The new Guardian uses a highly specialized thermal sensor that recognizes movement by picking up changes in heat. This allows the Guardian to activate with the slightest movement of any animal or person within 100 feet of the unit – while at the same time preventing false activations like leaves blowing in the wind.

No Problem - Rain or Shine

The Guardian has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain. Even after cheaper knock-offs have submitted to the elements due to inferior quality and craftsmanship, your Guardian won’t miss a beat.

Select A Pest Technology.

With our exclusive Select A Pest technology, now you can get rid of that skunk under your deck without sending your pet bird into a frenzy. No compromises. No trade-offs. Combined with our revolutionary Sound Sweep™ technology, the Guardian becomes an overwhelming wall of sound that can’t be ignored.


  • Sound Distance: 550 sq meters
  • Remote Control Distance: Up to 60 meters
  • Motion Sensor Range: Up to 30 meters
  • Safe and Humane
  • Weather and Water Resistant (IPX4 Rated)
  • Dimensions: 17 cm H, 14 cm W, 8 cm D
  • Power: Battery or AC (AC Adapter included)
  • Power Consumption: 1.8 W
  • Uses 6 C-size Batteries

Case Study

"In the early part of June I saw my first deer. After a brief look around my garden I immediately noticed that something had clipped the tops off of my Anaheim peppers. No other damage was observed at that time. I decided then to look into pest deterrent options to protect my garden and purchased the Guardian™." (Todd Hobein)

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The Guardian indoor and outdoor electonic pest control

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Guardian™ Accessories

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt
Perfect for mounting The Guardian in many areas of your property.

9m Extension Cord

9m Extension Cord
Adds a convenient 9m to your AC Adapter. Discreet and weatherproof.

Guardian Remote Control

Keychain Remote Control
Optional remote allows you to activate your Guardian up to 23m away

Optional Protection Plans

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

2 Year Protection Plan

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

3 Year Protection Plan

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

3 Year Protection Plan +