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What makes our Pest Repeller Ultimate AT so special?

Hey, we get it. You want the best and every website you see tells you "we are it." Why should you believe them... or us for that matter?
We thought you might like to know what you're getting for your money, so we've taken some of the leading pest repellers and compared them side-by-side.

We'll let you take it from here.

This powerful high-pitched sound won't bother people, but it will quickly startle pests and send them packing. Imagine a police siren blaring in your front yard. It won't hurt you, but the sound would be unbearable after just a few moments. The Ultimate® AT emits frequencies that are always fluctuating like a siren so they won't get used to the sounds.
Unlike cheaper products, the Ultimate AT's High Pressure Transducer delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 465 sq. metres. Utilizes the latest in Ultrasonic technology – the High Pressure Transducer emits a powerful ultrasonic sound that normal speakers can't match.

These frequencies are inaudible to humans, meaning that you can enjoy your peace and quiet while rodents and insects are bombarded with loud, disorienting and unpleasant sound that ricochets off walls and solid objects.
Electromagnetic technology changes normal frequency signals traveling through your wires into a pulsating vibration only small pests can detect. The shifting frequency irritates rodent nervous systems while the aggravating vibrations disturb insect receptors. This method is completely safe and environmentally-friendly.
Electro-Vibrawave is the latest in electromagnetic pest control. Exclusive to Good Life, this feature uses digitally-processed electromagnetic waves to reach even deeper into your walls. Because the Electro-Vibrawave™ signals intermittently turn on and off every few seconds, pests are unable to build a tolerance and flee the area.
The Ultimate AT's Ultra-Ionic technology releases streams of beneficial negative ions into the air that pull harmful pollutants, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere while warding off all types of insects and rodents.

The ions released are similar to those released before an approaching storm, causing pests to seek shelter elsewhere. These same ions help to neutralize odors that may attract pests.
The Ultimate AT includes a blue LED night light. Since it's LED it uses very little energy. At your preference the light can be turned on/off or set to "sensor.” This will allow the night light to come on or dim automatically when it senses dark or light. Great for bathrooms, dark hallways or anywhere you want to plug in your Ultimate AT.
How does the Ultimate AT compare with the competition? Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Riddex Bell and Howell Black and Decker SunBeam
  Pest Repeller
Ultimate® AT
Riddex® Bell & Howell Black & Decker SunBeam
Ultrasonic Sound
Bombards pests but won't bother you
Yes No Yes Yes Yes
High Pressure Trandsucer
Powerful ultrasonic speakers
Yes No No No No
Safely uses your wiring to repel pests
Yes Yes Yes No No
Exclusive to the Ultimate® AT
Yes No No No No
Cleans the air and confuses pests
Yes No No No No
LED Night Light
Convenient night light
Yes Yes No Yes No

Why take a chance on another repeller that will lead you back to where you are now - seeking a solution. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle. Get real results now. Order the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT today!