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A mouse infestation is not only an embarrassing problem, but a dangerous one as well. Urine and droppings left around your home can leave you vulnerable to bacteria and diseases. In addition, mice chewing wiring within the walls causes many house fires each year.

Unfortunately, mice are present in almost all parts of the world. They can enter your home through the smallest cracks or crevices including vents and under most doors. They are attracted to anything they can eat or build a nest out of, such as pet food, bird seed, firewood, and boxes of clothing or stuffed animals.

To keep your home free of mice, we strongly recommend using the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT. The Ultimate® AT is an environment friendly device that uses Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, and Ionic technology to repel indoor pests.

When using this device in combination with the DIY tips below, you can permanently keep mice away.

Know Your Enemy

House Mouse Characteristics:

  • Body size: approximately 3" long
  • Colour: varies, but typically shades of brown, gray and/or white
  • Mice are most active at dusk or night; they do not like bright lights.
  • They sleep 12+ hours a day.
  • Mice primarily eat plant matter, but they are still omnivorous.
  • They have little or no colour vision, but they are very sensitive to smell & touch.
  • A 'territory' will typically consist of one male with multiple females.
  • Life span: 2-3 years

Things you probably didn't know (or didn't want to know):

  • Mice can jump straight up about 18 inches (almost 1/2 metre)
  • They are excellent jumpers, climbers and swimmers.
  • Although they eat their own droppings, they are physically unable to vomit.
  • Mice are afraid of rats, because rats will eat them.


One female can have 5-10 litters per year, ranging from 6-14 young per litter. As you can see, even just a few mice can quickly turn into a huge problem.

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Block' Em Out:

Along with our Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT, your next line of defense is sealing off all entry points where rodents can invade your home or office. They can come in through basement vents, ventilation ducts, dryer vents, open doors or windows, and any other slight openings.

Be sure to properly patch any cracks in your foundation and use high quality weather stripping around doors and windows. Mice can practically flatten their bodies to slide through most openings so you should do what it takes to eliminate these breaches.

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Rake Your Leaves

Mouse control is an indoor and outdoor process. Cut tall grass and eliminate any unnecessary buildup of debris. A pile of leaves can serve as an inviting home for mice especially during the colder months.

Keep firewood far away from the sides of your home and at least 30cm off the ground. Also ensure all garbage lids are secure and eliminate water sources like leaky garden hoses. An open trash can and dripping faucet look like a welcome mat to surrounding mice.

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Clean, Clean, Clean

As mentioned previously, mice and other rodents carry diseases that are spread by their droppings and urine. For this reason it's important to take precautionary measures when doing any type of mouse contamination cleanup. Always wear a mask and gloves to eliminate coming into direct contact with their germs.

When doing a mouse control cleanup, thoroughly spray any contaminated areas with bleach water before wiping up the mess. Avoid vacuuming the droppings as they can be turned into dust and easily inhaled. Place any dead mice you find into a tightly sealed bag and promptly throw them away.

Lastly, make sure there are no cracks or holes where mice can get into your cupboards or pantry. Store all food in tightly sealed metal or glass containers. Be diligent about cleaning up spills and eliminate water sources like leaky pipes and faucets.

Remember, using the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT and overall cleanliness are some of the most important steps in preventing a mouse infestation!

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Get On Their Nerves

Mice have every keen sense of smell. In nature, they use this to avoid eating anything poisonous and to stay clear of potential predators. Since many predators mark their territory with urine, mice avoid this odor and you can use this against them. Placing bowls of ammonia around your home will trick mice into thinking danger is near and will cause them to flee.

If you don't want your house to smell like ammonia, you can pick a sweeter option like peppermint or spearmint. Better yet, combine the two. Be sure to use real essential oils instead of scented extracts – save those for your holiday baking. Good essential oils can be found at health food stores, drug stores, and even most grocery stores.

Even though minty smells are pleasant to most humans, mice don't appreciate them. In fact many natural rodent repellents use the peppermint/spearmint combination. Many people have also had success with lavender oil or clove oil (real cloves work too). Soak some cotton balls in your oil of choice and distribute them around the home in your cupboards, pantries, closets and crawl spaces.

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You'll Be Glad You Did

Using these simple steps along with the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT will keep your home or office mouse free. Plugging the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT near the infested areas will optimize the effects of the pest control features and drive those pests out for good!

"We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials."
– Angela D., Louisiana


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