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Pest Control Guide - Cockroaches

Cockroaches are sneaky and skilled hitchhikers. They can enter your home through water or sewer pipes, or catch a ride in a new piece of furniture or a box pulled from storage. They don’t take up much room either. Babies can squeeze through a crack as thin as a dime while males and pregnant females only need a little more space than a quarter.

Roaches are one of the most common and disgusting house pests. Roach droppings and chemicals on their bodies have been known to trigger allergic reactions in humans, especially those with asthma.

There are around 5,000 different types of cockroaches found throughout the world. Although they prefer warmer conditions, they are among the hardiest insects and can adapt to almost anything.

Some species can go for 3 months without food and even 45 minutes without air. They can survive by eating just about anything including glue and paper. This makes them very difficult to get rid of once they have infested an area.

To achieve the quickest and best roach control results use the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT and eliminate these three things: hiding places, food supply and water sources.

Know Your Enemy

Cockroach Characteristics:

  • Size: Typically 1–2" long
  • Description: Reddish Brown with long antennas. Flat bodies with fairly small heads.
  • Sounds: Most cockroaches make hissing sounds, but others can make chirping sounds.
  • The most common pest roaches are nocturnal, and will scatter when exposed to light.
    One exception is the Asian Cockroach which is actually attracted to light.
  • Life span: Anywhere from 5 weeks to over 3 years depending on the species.

Things you probably didn't know (or didn't want to know):

  • The world's largest roach lives in South America. It is 15cm long and has a 30cm wing span.
  • Not feeling well? In the 1870's, boiled cockroach tea was a popular medicinal remedy.
    Even today some people swear by garlic-fried roaches to cure an upset stomach.
  • Hungry? The American Roach (aka 'water bug') has been documented feeding on the toenails, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair of sleeping children.
  • Roaches carry around 30 different kinds of bacteria, 6 types of parasitic worms and 7 other varieties of germs. They are so dirty!
  • A cockroach can easily live for a week without its head. Then it dies only because it can't drink water.


Many female roaches can mate once and then produce offspring the rest of their lives. They produce an egg sac called an ootheca about once a week. American and Oriental Cockroaches hatch at least a dozen offspring per ootheca, while German Roaches can produce up to 50.

With these astounding reproduction numbers, you must act immediately to prevent an infestation from growing fast!

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Hide & Seek

Roaches search for food at night, and then relax in a warm hideout during the day. They commonly duck into kitchen appliances, computers, cupboards or cabinets under sinks.

Cockroaches use their droppings to communicate and let the other roaches know they've found food or a place to nest. To locate where roaches could be hiding, look around your home for areas with tiny black specs or pellets stuck to them.

Although they mark their favorite areas, they might also hide in areas where there aren't droppings. Check places such as false ceilings, inside electronics, spaces between walls and even in small cracks. Once you have located their potential nesting areas, seal them up with tape, steel wool, copper mesh, plaster, caulking or any other type of sealant.

Always keep your home clutter free and throw away piles of newspapers, magazines, and boxes. By removing their hiding spots and using the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT, roaches will be encouraged to leave the area.

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No Free Meals

Roaches will eat just about anything. Crumbs, spills and other food debris left unattended will serve as an open invitation for these pests. Take some time to clean out your cupboards and make sure food is put into tightly sealed in containers.

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink and make sure to thoroughly clean countertops, tables, floors, and under appliances. Pay close attention to those hard-to-reach areas like under the refrigerator. These often forgotten spots can hold a wealth of tasty snacks for cockroaches.

Although virtually impossible to clean every speck of food in your home, do your best to keep things as tidy as possible. Once roaches run out of food sources, they will either move away or die off.

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Dry As A Bone

Roaches are extremely attracted to water so it's an important step to eliminate any potential water sources around your home. These can include sinks, leaky pipes, humidity around toilets, puddles left in bathtubs, glasses of water left lying around, spills and indoor water fountains.

Keep a Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT near any sinks or other areas with water. Be sure to check these spots often and clean up any water as quickly as possible.

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Had Enough? Give Us A Call.

Your efforts combined with our Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT will drive those roaches away for good. Call today to speak with one of our product specialists. We can determine the best products for your situation, and provide placement tips and other suggestions to get you started.
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"My parents were relocating to Florida and rented an apartment site unseen... when they arrived in April - the place was horribly infested with roaches. I arrived in May and freaked out that the problem was so severe (they were trying to kill them with canned spray from the grocery store). I ordered the Ultimate AT pest repellers. It took about 3 weeks or so before I noticed a difference... but now we don't have any bugs!! None, nothing, not even one teeny tiny spider. I love them!"
Kathryn S. - Florida

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