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GuardianPest Repeller
The Guardian™ front viewThe Guardian™ front viewThe Guardian™ side viewThe Guardian™ back viewThe Guardian™ protects attics & crawl spaces
Pest Repeller Ultimate AT® front viewPest Repeller Ultimate AT® left sidePest Repeller Ultimate AT® right sidePest Repeller Ultimate AT® left sidePest Repeller Ultimate AT®

Indoor/Outdoor Premium Pack

Buy 2 ATs plus 1 Guardian and SAVE Instantly

  • Complete protection, inside and out
  • Emits frequencies to repel a variety of pests
  • No toxic chemicals, poisons or traps
  • Year-round pest protection


Buy Guardian™ Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life(R)

Get rid of pests. Both inside & outside

Save when you purchase this Indoor/ Outdoor pest repeller package! Easy to use and safe, the Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs keep indoor areas protected from pests, while the Guardian™ repels unwanted critters outdoors.

Package includes:

Two (2) Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs for your indoor rooms
One (1) Guardian for outdoor areas
One (1) AC Adapter for the Guardian

Now you can get rid of mice and ants in your kitchen while keeping squirrels and raccoons off your deck. Its complete pest protection without using poisons, sprays, or traps.

The Guardian™ Accessories

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt
Perfect for mounting The Guardian in many areas of your property.

9m Extension Cord

9m Extension Cord
Adds a convenient 9m to your AC Adapter. Discreet and weatherproof.

Guardian Remote Control

Keychain Remote Control
Optional remote allows you to activate your Guardian up to 23m away