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Who will rid us of this troublesome beast?

The Connexion: October 2008

THE letter about fouines in last issue has aroused my sympathy for “D.F.” as we have had the same problem.

Ours didn't party all night - they are supposed to go out hunting - but they do bring their prey back, hence the smell, which adds significantly to their natural odour.

The solution that worked for us is ultrasound.

They are called Pest Repeller Ultimate AT and have three different and simultaneous methods of deterrent. We have four of these and you have to site them so that there are no thick stone walls between the device and the intended target. They can be ordered with a European two-pin plug. It is best, in fact I would say essential, to use the mains version, with a long extension if necessary which can be of lighting grade.

Departed The battery one is called Guardian but I don't think it does the same job. Our fouines departed very rapidly, and we were left with some mice and a slight odour in one small roof space.

Previously the odour had been strong when the fouines and their decaying prey had been there. When I moved device number four up to ceiling level the mice depart-ed rapidly.

The smell has now gone entirely, though we can still sometimes detect a faint whiff when there is a strong westerly wind, so it seems there must still be some residue in the roof. The device is harmless to cats and apparently dogs as well, as it operates at a very high frequency. Our cats have been known to go to sleep within a metre of one of them. There is more info at [ www.aussiepestcontrol.com ]

Miramont-Sensacq Landes

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